We'll show you how you can partner with local Amazon experts and have them operate your ecommerce store for you. We have a network of Amazon sellers from developing countries who are ready to work for you with an income-sharing model with little or zero investment.
I've helped 10000 people start selling on Amazon
Ekim Kaya
New York, NY
I'm a Turkish entrepreneur, a published author, who was covered by Forbes. Last one year and a half was an exciting journey for me.

After making hundreds of thousands of dollars online, I have announced my Amazon dropshipping course in Turkish, and thousands of students were able to make more than $3M in sales, without investing a dime in inventory.

Some of those results are available at:
http://www.tatiletkisi.com (in Turkish)

The thing is, Amazon has made it more difficult for Turkish folks to open an Amazon seller central account lately. Amazon doesn’t have a system in place to easily verify the authenticity of their identity. Unless you have a tax ID or a Social Security Number from US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

But when these students manage a store, most of them create wonders. We have students who made more than $150K in revenues in less than 6 months. So if we can help new dropshipping students overcome this entry barrier, this will definitely be a win-win situation.
 Zero financial risk even with the paid plan!
$0 investment.
You just open an Amazon seller central account. Our students run it for you.
You get up to 10-50% of the profit. (Depending on the experience level of the student)
You fully sponsor a student ($500 - that will be refunded unless a sale is made within 3 months) + $39/mo Amazon store costs (that can be refunded by Amazon unless a sale is made) and 100% of product costs (which is $0 UNLESS a sale is made).
You get 50-90% of the profit. (Depending on the experience level of the student) 
What do I need to do in order to start?
- Sign up on the next page, and open an Amazon Seller Account

What is the next step?
- We'll be matching you with a student and you'll sign a contract with them

When should I expect any sales?
- The sales usually start in a 1-3 month time frame. After the 3rd month, Amazon starts increasing your store traffic, that increases the revenues.

What am I buying?
- Nothing unless you want to sponsor a student for $500

What is the benefit of sponsoring a student?
- You get the software licensed to your store that will make it easier for the student to start sales.

What are the risks of sponsoring a student?
-Nothing, because unless the student start making sales within 3 months, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

What are the risks of having a store on Amazon?
- You need to comply with Amazon's store policies, otherwise Amazon can shut down your store.

How do I minimize the risks?
- By signing the contract, you'll ensure that the student will do everything within their control to comply with Amazon's policies.

What about taxes?
- You’ll be sending the student the 1099 form that’s used for freelancers, independent contractors and other self-employed individuals to declare their income for tax purposes. You’ll be responsible only for the amount that you keep for yourself.

Who are you?
- Kaya Online LLC, an online training company based in Los Angeles, CA.
Questions? pelin.maxey@kaya.online, or 646-932-9604
Kaya Online LLC
If no sales are made in a 3 month time frame AFTER uploading at least 100 products on your Amazon store, you are eligible for a full refund.